About Us

Mission Statement

The Delray Beach Housing Authority is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for low and moderate income families, and providing the opportunity for self-sufficiency by guaranteeing safe, quality housing.

Our aim is to accomplish this mission through the application of these Guiding Principles:

Quality is our Priority – To achieve resident satisfaction and maintain our customer service needs and loyalty. Quality is our primary consideration.

Residents are our Main Focus – Our work must be done with our residents in mind, providing the highest quality, best service possible.

Resident Involvement – Our residents shall be treated with dignity and respect and we will strive to ensure consideration of their issues and concerns in our operation.

Teamwork – Teamwork is recognized as a critical element of any success we are to achieve. We are a team and we will treat one another with trust and respect.

Integrity is never compromised – The conduct of our business must be persued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and positive contribution to the welfare of our residents.